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Small soft paintings made in 2020 from acrylic, bed sheets, and thread.
Purchase by clicking “Buy Now”.
Each painting has fabric loops on the back for hanging.
Each painting is signed by the artist.
The measurements are approximate.
Orders will be processed in about 2 weeks. 

Covid Times 1, 14.5x11 inches

Covid Times 2, 15.5x9 inches

Covid Times 4, 17x8 inches

Covid Times 5, 18x9 inches

Covid Times 6, 19.5x8 inches

Covid Times 7, 16x7inches

Covid Times 8, 12.5x10 inches

Covid Times 16, 18x6 inches

Covid Times 20, 13.5x12.5 inches

Covid Times 23, 10.5x10.5 inches


Covid Times 24, 12x10 inches