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Co-director and Co-curator 2015-2020

LOG Exhibitions:
2015  Pilot: Maria Britton and April Childers; Chapel Hill, NC

2016  Look Alive! Ian Breidenbach and Carmen Tiffany; Chapel Hill, NC
2016  My Metronome is a Blinker: Jennifer Sullivan and Karolina Gnatowski; Chapel Hill, NC
2016  Close to You: Katy Fischer and Amy Talluto; Chapel Hill, NC
2016  Background at Lump: Lauren Clay, Julia Gartrell, and Angelina Gualdoni; Raleigh, NC
2017  Deadpan at Lump: Alex O’Neal, Kirsten Stoltmann, and Kerry Law; Raleigh, NC
2017  Dataplan for a Preserving Machine at Lump: Elizabeth Ferry, Takashi Horisaki, and William Paul Thomas; Raleigh, NC
2017  Salt Lick: Yasamin Keshtkar, Rose Nestler, and Katarina Riesing; Chapel Hill, NC
2019  Vanishing Point at Camayuhs: Maria Guzman Capron, Becky Kinder, and Benny Merris; Atlanta, GA

Selected Curated Exhibitions:
2016  Past Tense Future Perfect at The Scrap Exchange; Durham, NC (Co-curated)
2015  Static Cling 2 at BAM; Brooklyn, NY (Co-curated)
2014  Static Cling at Penelope; Queens, NY (Co-curated)